Family Health Services

Victoria Harrison Location
Location: 729 Rutland, near 8th & Yal Street in the Houston Heights.

Victoria Harrison built an office and classroom, with a waiting room and library, onto her 1897 farm house at 729 Rutland. The door to the office is on the front porch, separate from the house. The office overlooks the garden and pond. In good weather, people may wait on the portch or on benches in the garden where they can relax and collect their thoughts for a few minutes before an appointment.

There is free parking on the street.

Hours: Mon,Tue, Wed, Fri 8am – 5pm
Thu 10am – 7pm

Call: 713-790-0226


Fees, Insurance and Payment Principles

Victoria Harrison charges a standard fee of $200 an hour and accepts what insurance companies and individuals determine that they can pay off that fee.

Insurance companies determine their panel of providers based upon a quota per zip code area. They do not base their decisions about providers upon background, training, special expertise, or outcome evaluation. Ms. Harrison is a participating provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, UnitedHealth Care, and other local health insurance companies. If you have Outside of Network coverage, it may be possible to be reimbursed a portion of the fee by other insurance companies. Ms. Harrison will apply for provider status with any of the insurance companies if the Human Relations Department of your employer will request that her services be available. People are requested to contact their insurance company and provide the necessary information within the first or second session. Here is an Initial Information form to download and complete and bring to the first session.

The usual procedure is to bill the insurance company each month for sessions and ask them to send payment directly to Family Health Services. The co-pay can be paid at each session by check, cash, or credit card online. People with questions about self-pay, deductibles, and other details are welcome to email

You are welcome to download and complete this form to bring to your first appointment.
Intake Form.


Appointments may be scheduled by telephone at 713-790-0226 or by email at between 8am and 7pm Monday – Friday. It is often possible to schedule an appointment for the same day or the next day in an emergency. Telephone and email contact is possible between appointments and Ms. Harrison does schedule a telephone consultation with people who are working with her regularly.

Most appointments are an hour and start and stop promptly.

People are expected to contact the office if they must cancel an appointment. If people routinely miss or cancel, Ms. Harrison will usually decline to reschedule. If however, someone is trying very hard to be responsible in the face of symptoms that make it difficult to attend appointments, Ms. Harrison will be as flexible as possible in order to be a resource. Please discuss the charges for missed or canceled appointments should that be necessary.


Individuals and family members most often contact Victoria Harrison directly to discuss these services. A medical referral is not necessary but it may be important to discuss this work with your physician.

Physicians, clergy, teachers, and family members who know about this work do often refer people to Family Health Services.

To schedule an appointment or for information, contact Victoria Harrison at 713-790-0226 or