Family Health Services

Victoria Harrison
People are better able to recognize and change reactions that play a part in symptoms than they realize. It can be more difficult than people realize. It can also be more fun. Family systems theory and facts from science take some of the mystery out of the challenges people face. Victoria Harrison brings over 30 years of experience as a therapist and teacher to work with one or more members of a family or organization who want to make a difference. Her practice is based on Bowen family systems theory and integrates knowledge from research in physiology, neuroscience, and biology to help individuals and family members do what they can do themselves to deal better with problems.

Psychotherapy/Coaching      Biofeedback & Neurofeedback      Educational Programs

Based upon Bowen Family Systems Theory for dealing better with problems related to:


Health          Reproduction          Marriage          Children          Education          Mental Health
Addictions          Functioning & Success at Work          Family & Business Wealth

Resources for individuals, mothers, fathers, couples, young adults, children, seniors, single men and women, who want:

  • to be realistic about the range of factors that impact health, reproduction, mental health, and problems in life and relationships.
  • to see and set in motion changes that they can make
  • to become more responsible, creative and effective
  • to contribute toward improved health and functioning in the family or organization

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